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The National Strategy for Maritime Security (USA)

September 28, 2005 by Akiva  
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The safety and economic security of the United States depends upon the secure use of the world’s oceans. Published September 2005, the National Strategy for Maritime Security, incorporates the Justice, State, Commerce and Homeland Security agencies. The National Strategy for Maritime Security plan covers eight supporting plans to address the specific threats and challenges of the maritime environment. These include for example the transportation restoration in the event of an emergency, vessel protection and supply chain security.

The National Strategy for Maritime Security and its eight supporting plans present a comprehensive effort by the U.S. government to promote global economic stability and protect legitimate activities while preventing hostile or illegal acts within the maritime domain.

Download The National Strategy for Maritime Security


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction – Maritime Security
  2. Threats to Maritime Security
    1. Nation-State Threats
    2. Terrorist Threats
    3. Transnational Criminal and Piracy Threats
    4. Environmental Destruction
    5. Illegal Seaborne Immigration
  3. Strategic Objectives
    1. Prevent Terrorist Attacks and Criminal or Hostile Acts
    2. Protect Maritime-Related Population Centers and Critical Infrastructure
    3. Minimize Damage and Expedite Recovery
    4. Safeguard the Ocean and Its Resources
  4. Strategic Actions
    1. Enhance International Cooperation
    2. Maximize Domain Awareness
    3. Embed Security into Commercial Practices
    4. Deploy Layered Security
    5. Assure Continuity of the Marine Transportation System
  5. Conclusion
  6. Annex A — Supporting Implementation Plans

Download The National Strategy for Maritime Security

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