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New boat for Navy SEALs

January 20, 2008 by Akiva  
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Maine Marine Manufacturing LLC revealed last week a new 82-foot research prototype of the old Mark V Special Operations Craft. Dubbed the Mark V.1, the prototype looks similar to the current Mark V patrol boats but has a new hull made from advanced composite materials.

The new hull is aimed at reducing the wear and tear on boat operators and SEALs by absorbing the impact as the vessel crashes through the waves at 55-plus knots. Though mainly designed to reduce risk of injury, the prototype is actually 50 percent stronger and slightly lighter than the older aluminum version. David Packhem Jr., president and chief executive officer of Maine Marine Manufacturing LLC said at the ceremony:

The goal is a boat that can deliver up to 16 combat-ready Navy SEALS in shape to carry out their missions and will reduce the boat operators’ neck, back and joint injuries.

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