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Canadian frigate in the war aginst terror captures Pakistani rum runners

January 26, 2008 by Akiva  
Filed under Maritime Security

Pakistani Dhow Smuggling AlcoholCanadian sailors patrolling the Arabian Sea in the war on terrorism ended up this week helping Pakistani authorities fight alcohol smuggling. On Wednesday, HMCS Charlottetown doing maritime security operations with a multinational naval task force, intercepted a booze-laden dhow 29,7 nautical miles off Pakistan’s coast. The 50ft. long dhow was on her way from the United Arab Emirates to Pakistan. The dhow was turned over to Pakistani authorities.

Smuggling alcohol is illegal in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Under Pakistani law, only about 3% per cent of the country’s citizens are allowed to consume alcohol. For the vast majority of Pakistanis however, drinking and selling alcohol can be punishable by caning and three years in prison.

Earlier this week (January 24, 2008) the HMCS Charlottetown helped an Pakistani fishing dhow when it received a distress message on frequency 16. The Al Rahmanon (dhow) was adrift with a crew of 18 off the coast of Pakistan. The dhow’s captain told the interpreter that he had just run out of gas. He would have had enough fuel to return to his home port if he had not shared his supply with another dhow he found in distress a few days before.

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