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DHS Small Vessel Security Report

January 31, 2008 by Akiva  
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Small Vessel Security ThreatAmerica’s waterways are avenues for a vast range of commercial and recreational pursuits. They are the nation’s largest borders and have an important place in our thinking about U.S. homeland security, as the ports, waterways, and coastal areas provide strong measures of value, pleasure, and vulnerability. Thus, national policy and a broad range of public and private sector interests are integral parts of the nation’s strategy of “layered security” in the face of hostile intent.

Since the earliest days of the United States, and at an accelerated pace since the attacks of 9/11, measures have been taken to protect our nation’s waterways, to make them as safe and secure as possible while simultaneously protecting our citizen’s enjoyment of their maritime heritage. Today, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is charged with extending that protection by considering potential threats that could be conveyed by vessels of under 300 tons (small vessels) and developing methods to mitigate these risks. vessels of under 300 tons (small vessels) and developing methods to mitigate these risks

Small vessel operators represent the largest number of stakeholders directly involved in this issue, as there are over 70 million Americans who participate in some form of recreational boating across the country.1 The large number of small vessels, the wide variation in designs and uses, and the freedom of the environment in which they operate raise complex issues for incorporating vessels and their operators into the overall strategy of layered security. Indeed, these very qualities are a key issue which makes small vessels vulnerable to being exploited by terrorists intent on attacking the United States.

Download: DHS Small Vessel Security Report

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