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Latest Piracy and Threats to Shipping Report – February 4, 2008

February 5, 2008 by Akiva  
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Weekly Piracy ReportThe OFFICE OF NAVAL INTELLIGENCE (ONI) and the ICC Commercial Crime Services released their latest Maritime Safety Information on January 30 and February 4, 2008. The following maritime security incidents took place between January 28 and February 4, 2008.


  1. Sri Lanka, January 29, 2008: Three Sri Lankan Tamils were taken into custody as they arrived on a boat near Rameshwaram. The three are being held at Sambai coast on suspicion of being Tamil militants. Their vessel has been seized and they were interrogated.

  2. Indonesia, January 29, 2008: Four robbers, armed with knives, boarded a bulk carrier at Pulau Laut anchorage. Duty crew confronted them but that did not stop the robbers from stealing stores. 2/O raised alarm, ship’s whistle sounded and crew mustered. 14 crew members went forward. Seeing the crew, the robbers jumped into the water and escaped in a 30m long speedboat. Port authorities asked to be called after one hour when contacted by the ship.

  3. Sri Lanka, January 29, 2008: Pirates approached a yacht underway. Crew fired shots in the air and the pirates aborted the attempt. The pirates attempted to attack the yacht twice.

  4. Ivory Coast, January 30, 2008: Two robbers boarded a bulk carrier at Abidjan inner anchorage. They stole ship’s stores and escaped.

  5. Peru, January 31, 2008: Four robbers armed with long knives boarded a bulk carrier at Callao anchorage. The robbers tied up the duty crew, stole their personal belongings, broke into the bosun store, stole ship’s stores and escaped. Master tried to contact port authority via VHF, no response.

  6. Equatorial Guinea, January 31, 2008: 10 armed persons in military clothing boarded a cement carrier 15 NM SW off Bioko Island. The intruders identified themselves as Nigerian rebels and only demand food. After nearly six hours on board, the intruders disembarked into speedboats where another five accomplice were waiting. No injury to crew or any damage to the ship.

  7. Nigeria, February 1, 2008: Three robbers boarded a container ship at berth, Port Lagos. Robbers broke into forward paint locker. Duty officer raised alarm and the robbers escaped in a waiting boat.

  8. Gulf of Aden, February 1, 2008: The officer on watch on a tanker, underway, sighted a small wooden with four men on board approaching the ship 65 nm North Northeast of Somali coast . Master informed, alarm raised, accommodation locked down, fire hoses rigged and fire pump started. The boat approached on the port side at a distance of 60 meters and signalled the ship to stop. Master started taking evasive action by commencing a zig – zag course. The pirates started firing at the vessel’s accommodation. The ship continued zigzagging and activated the fire hoses. Pirate boat followed the ship for about 6 miles and aborted the attempt at 1530 hrs. No damage to the ship expect for bullet marks. Informed ships in the vicinity via VHF

  9. Gulf of Aden, February 1, 2008: An unknown number of Somali pirates have attacked and hijacked a tug and take its six crew as hostage. Owners are in contact with the crew. All the crew are safe. Negotiations for their safe release are in progress. Further details

  10. Malacca Straits, January 1, 2008: Six small craft were in close vicinity of an oil tanker underway. Master took evasive manoeuvres to avoid the closing boats. The heavy rain and bad weather may have prevented the boats closing onto the vessel. Ship activated anti-piracy measures and continued on her voyage without further incident.

  11. South China Sea, February 2, 2008: Two unlit white-hull speedboats about five meters long approached a bulk carrier underway. Master raised alarm, crew alerted, fire hoses activated, and zig-zag course commenced. Fortunately, the sea swell conditions prevented the boarding. After seven hours of following, the pirates aborted the attempt.

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