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Singapore Enhanced its Maritime Security Capabilities

February 5, 2008 by Akiva  
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Singapore Frigates CommissinedSingapore commissioned today, February 5, 2007, three Formidable Class Stealth Frigates the RSS Intrepid, RSS Steadfast and RSS Tenacious. The frigates, having completed their sea trials and operational training will join their sister ship RSS Formidable. The home port of the frigates is Changi Naval Base (CNB).


The three frigates were constructed by Singapore Technologies Marine under a technology transfer agreement with Direction des Constructions Navales Services (DCN), from France. The Defence Science & Technology Agency (DSTA) played a key role to facilitate this agreement. Two more frigates are underway, the RSS Stalwart and RSS Supreme. All six frigates are expected to be fully operational by 2009. Watch the video of the ceremony : 56K | Broadband

Changi Command and Control CenterSingapore is also expecting its ground-breaking Changi Command and Control Center (C2) to be finished by 2009. The new center, built next to Changi Naval Base, will house the Singapore Maritime Security Center (SMSC), an Information Fusion Center (IFC) and a Multinational Operations and Exercise Center (MOEC). The Changi Command and Control Center (C2) will advance multi-agency co-operation and interoperability amongst national maritime agencies, to enhance Singapore’s maritime security capabilities. The Center will also enable international co-operation and interoperability between countries to promote maritime security in the region.


Formidable-Class Frigates

The new frigates are highly versatile warships that are equipped with advanced combat systems and possess stealth capabilities. They also have good endurance and are able to be deployed at sea for a prolonged duration. Each frigate is designed to carry a Sikorsky S-70B Naval Helicopter capable of complementing the ship in Anti-surface and Anti-submarine warfare. By leveraging on a high level of automation and enhanced work processes, each frigate is operated by a lean crew of 71 and an air detachment of 15 personnel.

The frigates will be equipped with state-of-the-art combat capabilities allowing them to perform a wide spectrum of missions and to deal with various threats in all dimensions of naval warfare – surface, air and underwater. The command and control of the various sensor and weapon systems onboard each frigate is achieved via an indigenously developed Combat Management System (CMS).


Changi Command and Control Center (C2)

The Changi C2 Centre is a double-storey building that will house three functional Centres, namely, the Singapore Maritime Security Centre (SMSC), the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) and the Multinational Operations and Exercises Centre (MOEC).

SMSC: The RSN’s Coastal Command (COSCOM) headquarters and elements from the Maritime Port Authority and the Police Coast Guard will make up the SMSC. The SMSC will plan its maritime security operations from a common room known as the Inter-Agency Co-ordination Center in the event of maritime incidents or crises. The SMSC will occupy the first level of the building.

IFC: The IFC is a center where maritime information is collated and shared between international security partners to enhance awareness of the maritime security situation.

MOEC: The MOEC is a center for the planning and conduct of multinational operations or exercises. For example, the MOEC can be used to host exercises conducted by the Five Power Defense Arrangements and the Western Pacific Naval Symposium. Should the need arise, the MOEC can also be used to facilitate international cooperation in maritime security, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. The MOEC also includes an open area, equivalent to the size of about two football fields, to provide additional capacity to meet increased demands.

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