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Home Depot's involvement in Port Security

February 7, 2008 by Akiva  
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Port Security US Coast Guard is protecting Container ShipHome Depot is currently actively lobbying lawmakers to vote against a law mandating that all cargo destined for the United States have to be scanned for radiation or nuclear hazards before being shipped. The law, which is slated for July of 2012 was recommended by the 9/11 commission.


Home Depot is part of a business group consisting of retail giants such as Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy and Circuit Citythe existing approach – in which top-tier shippers are rated as reliable while more suspect shippers are given greater scrutiny. who argue that importers are doing enough to improve cargo security already. Atlanta News quoted Sarah Milinar, Home Depot spokeswoman, praising

In the campaign against the law Home Depot has reportedly spend over $500,000 in the first six month of 2007 alone. The top recipients of these funds included Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Norm Coleman of Minnesota, and John Sununu of New Hampshire. Remarkable all Senators are GOP members of the Homeland Security Panel who could potentially sway the vote.

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