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USS Benfold Receives Shipboard Protection System

February 8, 2008 by Akiva  
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USS Benfold Persian GulfGuided missile destroyer USS Benfold is the first ship to be outfitted with Shipboard Protection System (SPS) Block 1 version, which uses integrated radar and twin cameras to identify and engage threats from high-speed seaborne craft. The system supplies the means to provide a blanket of protection from swifter and smaller scale attacks whether a ship is in port, at anchor or at sea.


Once fully integrated into the ship’s fighting doctrine, SPS will give us much better situational awareness,” said Lt. Steingrube, Benfold’s weapons officer. “It will take much of the guess work out of a contact’s distance, and will help us to better assess a potential threat’s intentions.

Shipboard Protection System (SPS)

Shipboard Protection System (SPS)is an integrated shipboard, suite of systems designed to detect, identify, and engage asymmetric threats. Capabilities include: Surface Surveillance System, MK 49 Mod 0 stabilized gun mounts and Non-lethal weapons / devices. The surface surveillance system integrates EO/IR sensors, and radar into a common tactical surveillance system. Stabilized guns provide integrated lethal engagement capability against asymmetric threats. Non-lethal weapons assist in determining intent and target discrimination. SPS is to be fielded in blocks through evolutionary acquisition. The block approach facilitates the early delivery of enhanced situational awareness capability. Future blocks will introduce lethal and non-lethal effectors with total detect to engage capability integration. The SPS “End State System” will provide Navy vessels with the ability, in foreign and domestic ports, to protect themselves from attacks by asymmetric threats. This ability requires that information necessary to seamlessly execute the detect to engage sequence be collected, processed, communicated, and acted upon before threats reach their objectives.

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