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Lebanese Navy Order Pharos Long Range Multi Sensor Surveillance Platform

February 18, 2008 by Akiva  
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Pharos Long Range Multi Sensor Surveillance PlatformThe Lebanese National Defense Ministry have placed an order for 6 Pharos XLR3+ Long Range Multi sensor Surveillance Platforms from Cedip Infrared Systems to provide its Naval forces with 24/7 long-range surveillance & reconnaissance capabilities in all weather conditions.

Selected for its high performance, compactness and operational robustness the PHAROS XLR3+ provides outstanding operational effectiveness for applications including border & coastal surveillance, protection of sensitive sites, vessel traffic management, protection of fisheries exclusion zones and law enforcement.

The PHAROS XLR3+ features a two-axis platform that may accommodate different types of sensor to optimally fit even the most demanding customer needs. The supplied PHAROS XLR3+ Platforms will be equipped with a long range thermal imager to give night capabilities and a high performance CCD camera with powerful zoom for daytime operation.

The compact and lightweight PHAROS XLR3+ standard configuration is based on the Cedip ADAMANT LR long range thermal imager. Operating in the 3-5┬Ám (MWIR) spectral band, this thermal imager is field proven for the maritime environment and hot climates offering a full TV format resolution (640×512). The triple field of view optical lens provides the ability to survey perimeters up to 25km distant with optimized flexibility. The head of the PHAROS XLR3+ engineered to withstand the harsh marine environment and meet IEC60945 standards, includes a wash/wiper system and internal heater to prevent misting on windows.

About Cedip Infrared Systems

Cedip Infrared Systems, a division of FLIR Systems, offers a range of high-performance infrared imaging cameras and systems incorporating the latest technology in optics, infrared focal plane array detectors, electronic hardware and software. Founded in 1989 Cedip Infrared Systems is today recognized as a leading supplier of Infrared Imaging solutions for industrial, R&D, security & surveillance applications around the world. Website: Cedip Infrared Systems

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