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Latest Piracy and Threats to Shipping Report – March 17, 2008

Weekly Piracy and Maritime Security ReportThe Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the ICC Commercial Crime Services released their latest Maritime Safety Information on March 12 and March 17, 2008. The following maritime security incidents took place between March 3 and March 17, 2008.




  1. Nigeria, March 4, 2008: Armed pirates, in a speedboat attempted to board a bulk carrier, underway, in pilotage waters near Tincan island, Lagos. Second officer on duty, astern, alerted the bridge. Master raised alarm. Seeing the alert crew the pirates aborted their attempt to board the vessel.

  2. Gulf of Aden, March 5, 2008: Four suspicious boats doing about 18 knots approached a container ship underway from various directions, crossing the bow and stern of the vessel at distances of 2 – 3 cables. The boats tried to come alongside the vessel. Ship took evasive maneuvers to prevent boarding. Boats description: length 10 meters, color orange, white and one multicolored. Each boat had two – three persons dressed in uniform like clothes. Due to crew alertness and effective preventive measures, the suspicious boats moved away. Prior to the boats approaching the vessel had heard conversations in Arabic language on VHF Ch. 16

  3. Somalia, March 5, 2008: Master onboard a seismic support vessel underway noticed on radar one suspicious craft approaching. Master took evasive maneuvers to prevent the suspicious boat from closing in. Later, the boat disappeared due to actions taken by vessel.

  4. Indonesia, March 8, 2008: Vessel boarded, robbed at Jetty no. 106, Belawan port. Unauthorized persons diverted the attention of the duty crew and shore watchmen, while three other robbers armed with long knives boarded the vessel from offshore side and stole ship’s stores. Luckily, the duty crew spotted the robbers and raised the alarm. Upon seeing the crews’ alertness, the robbers jumped overboard and escaped in a small unlit craft.

  5. Tanzania, March 9, 2008: Deck patrol, onboard a container ship drifting and waiting for pilot, spotted one speedboat with ten persons in it near the fore part of the vessel. Crew alerted. Upon inspection, it was discovered that some ship stores were stolen and some containers seals broken and contents stolen. Port control informed.

  6. Nigeria, March 12, 2008: Armed pirates, in three speedboats boarded a tug enroute from Calabar to Port Harcourt. The Pirates kidnapped six Nigerian nationals and took them ashore. The kidnappers are demanding a ransom for the safe release of the hostages. The kidnappers claim to be the ‘protectors of the Bonny River’.

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