Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

Sri Lanka fights LTTE Sea Tigers

LTTE Sea Tiger Suicide BoatOver the past few days, Sri Lanka’s navy has fought several sea battles against LTTE’s sea arm, the Sea Tigers off Sri Lanks’s north-east coast. According to Sri Lankan security official, the Sea Tigers sank Saturday (March 22, 2008) an FARC (Fast Attack Craft). While the sea tigers claim to have sunk the FARC during a suicide attack of the Black Sea Tiger brigade, the navy claims to have lost the ship due to a sea mine. Ten sailors are missing and now presumed dead.

The latest sea battle took place in the middle of the night (morning hours of March 25, 2008) when Sri Lankan Navy ships spotted several LTTE boats hugging the coast. According to Sri Lankan navy spokesman Lt Cdr Rohan Joseph said one rebel vessel was disabled in the fighting. The armed confrontation between the Sri Lankan Armed Forces and the LTTE have increased since January when the government pulled out of a ceasefire.

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