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Latest Piracy and Threats to Shipping Report – March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008 by Akiva  
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Weekly Piracy ReportThe Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) and the ICC Commercial Crime Services released their latest Maritime Safety Information on March 26 and March 31, 2008. The following maritime security incidents took place between March 24 and March 31, 2008.



Bangladesh, March 24, 2008: Four robbers armed with long knives boarded a bulk carrier during discharging operations at Chittagong TSP jetty. Fearing injuries, crew on anti piracy watch retreated into accommodation. Within ten minutes, crew mustered and went forward to investigate. By then, robbers had escaped in waiting boat after stealing ship stores

India, March 28, 2008: Three robbers boarded a tanker at anchor at Kandla outer anchorage via the main deck. Crewmembers were maintaining anti piracy watches forward and aft. Alarm was raised as soon as the robbers were spotted. On hearing the alarm, the robbers escaped in their waiting boat. Investigation revealed ship’s stores stolen. Port authorities were informed.

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